Welcome to the website for the Westpark neighborhood!  
Westpark Events
No Events at this time.

Pool Status
The pool is closed for the season!  The last day of the season was October 1st!  See you in the spring!

If you wish to volunteer with a committee or to help with events, please go to the RSVP/ Volunteer tab.  There use the "Volunteering with Westpark" sign-up to be added to our list of volunteers. (Answer "yes" to the question "are you attending" -- this will not sign you up for any particular activity).  Our neighborhood depends on volunteers and together we make Westpark a great place to live!

Happening Around Town
Town Links
Posted on Jan 5th, 2015
To learn about town of Cary events, visit the Town of Cary's website at http://www.townofcary.org/  
Cary's downtown theater events can be found at http://www.thecarytheater.com/
To learn about town of Apex events, visit the Town of Apex's website at http://www.apexnc.org/

Photo Contest
We are able to place up to 10 photos to rotate in the top banner of this website!  We will be holding a Photo Contest for pictures of the Westpark grounds and amenities to be used here!  Start snapping pictures as spring and summer will be great times to get beautiful shots.  Pictures should be horizontally aligned to fit into the space above.

Website Tips
We hope you like our new website.  Residents can create a log-in to access Resident Only features.  If you had a log-in on our old site, you must re-register.  This will help us ensure that all registrants are current residents.  
When using your mobile device, if you do not see page navigation on the left side of the page, press the button at the right top of the page for a list of pages.

Quarterly dues were to be paid by October 1, 2017.  Dues are considered late after October 31, 2017.  Next quarter's dues will be due on January 1, 2018.

Did you know?
The Town of Cary has informed us that any sort of vegetation burning (leaves, branches, twigs, pinecones, etc) within the town city limits is illegal as the Town provides curbside pickup for all yard waste. Chimineas and other fire pits are only allowed as a form of heat using approved types of material such as mini-duraflame logs, etc. but are not allowed for burning trash, debris, yard trimmings etc.  also Any burning (even in a container)  must be at least 1,000 feet away from any residence. 
If you notice someone illegally burning you should call 911.  The resident will get a warning first and then subsequent calls may result in fines, or other penalties.  Anyone that would like more information or clarification can call Kenneth Cottle at the Town of Cary  at 919 469-4351.